Frequenty asked questions
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1. How do I book or reserve a vehicle? (Important must read)
****Important*****The good news about Appeal Car Share, that it is different from most rental car or car sharing companies. Make sure you are right next to the car before you slide, "book a car" .All rental vehicles are presented in "real time". Which means, when you see the vehicle on the map, it is available. This ensures that a rental vehicle is ready to go for the first person that "books" the vehicle. Think of it like a meter thats starting the clock. The vehicle will be held for 15 minutes for that person. Once you book the rental, you will see the option to "slide to Unlock the car". There shouldn't be any over "bookings" or reservations that are not honored. If you do not see a vehicle on the map, then this means that vehicle is currently being rented. Never select "Finish" until you are completly done with renting the vehicle. That's why the car sharing platform is so awesome!! Vehicles on the spot when you need it.
2. Where can I pick up or drop off the vehicle?
We currently have two convenient locations located in the Houston area for pick up and drop offs at designated Metro bus parking lots. No other pick up or drop off locations are allowed.
3. Downloading the App
When downloading the App from the Apple store or Google Play, make sure you allow notifications for the App; as this will allow the GPS to work and you can locate the car that you want to rent.Make sure the settings section on your phone that the Location is set to "while using app"
Are Appeal Car Share vehicles easy to locate in a parking lot?
Yes. There will be a sticker on the bottom left drivers side front and rear drivers side back window. This will help you distinquish your Appeal Car Share vehicle. GPS location from your smartphone of the vehicles location will guide you to the Appeal Car Share vehicle. ( Example: AppealCS-0001 ). We made our vehicles to blend in, and not appear as if you are in a rental car or car share for your convience.
Are the vehicle's cleaned?
All vehicles are periodically cleaned. We do our best to try and keep the vehicles sanitized. There will be complimentary sanitizing wipes in the glove department to wipe down any surfaces in the vehicle that the renter may use free of charge. You will be charged a cleaning fee if the vehicle is returned with trash in the vehicle. Remove all trash in the vehicle upon return.
Are the vehicles safe to drive?
All car sharing vehicles are slightly used. You can be assured that all vehicles have been completely looked over and mechanically sound, down to the brakes by our Master Certified Mechanic, Larry Kennard.We pride ourselves in assuring our customers ride a safe and maintained vehicle; such so that we would be glad to allow our own family members to drive our vehicles.
Can I drive on toll roads?
No. The vehicle is not allowed to go on Toll roads. There are no EZ tag passes located inside or on the front windsheild of the vehicle. If you violate this policy, your membership with Appeal Car Share will be revoked and you will not be allowed to rent the vehicle again; and all charges will be billed to the renter.
Can I drive the vehicle outside of Houston?
No. The vehicle is not allowed out of the Houston Area., ( except ). You are allowed to drive as far North as Conroe, PrairView and Sam Houston University. You may dirve the vehicle as far South as Galveston and or Surfside. You are allowed to drive as far East as Beaumont.You are allowed to drive as far West as College Station. 150 free miles a day, which inlcludes the above mention areas.( allowed to drive over the 150 free miles a day going to these areas, and will not be charged )
Can I use Appeal Car Share for other ride sharing platforms?
No. Appeal Car Share can only be used for personal use. You are not authorized to use the vehicle for Uber, Lyft, Uber Eats, Grub Hub or any delivery service. No ride sharing or car sharing usage is allowed for the vehicle.
Do I have to refill the fuel?
Yes. Whatever fuel level that the rental vehicle was picked up on, is the same fuel level that it must be returned on. You will be charged if the fuel is not returned below on the level that it was on when you picked up the vehicle. The vehicle does not have a gas card inside of the vehicle. The company does not offer gas reinbursement. 87 octane is all that is required for fuel.
How are the rental rates calculated?
$25.99 - for up to four hours of vehicle use. The time of use starts at the time of pick up ends four hours later. No refunds for any unused time. $10.00 fee for any rental return over 15 minutes late; subsequently $10.00 fee for every 15 minutes therefter. $48.99 - for a full 24 hour basis.The time of use starts at the time of pick up and ends 24 hours later. Which means if you pick the vehicle up at 8:00 a.m. then you must return 8:00 a.m. the following day. No refunds for any unused time. $10.00 fee for any rental return over 15 minutes late; subsequently $10.00 fee for every 15 minutes thereafter. $325.99 - for a full one week rental. The time of use starts at the time of pick up and ends one week later at the exact same time. No refunds for any unused time. $ 10.00 fee for any rental return over 15 minutes late, subsequently $10.00 for every 15 minutes thereafter.
Is smoking allowed in the vehicle?
There is no smoking allowed in the vehicle. (including Vaping)
Is the 10th rental free?
Yes. After 9 (nine) rentals, your 10th rental will be free. The 10th rental will give you a free 4 (four) hour rental, regardless if you ordinarily use anyother rental rates. On your 10th rental, you will rent the vehicle as normal. At the end of your rental, just put a comment in the email reminding us that this is your 10th rental; and you will be 100% reimbursed for the 4 (four) hour rental (excluding any additional mileage or overtime charges.)
Is vehicle insurance included on all rentals?
Yes. The vehicle has liability coverage for the state's minimum requirements. If you injure yourself or damage the vehicle, ( excluding minor scratches, that have been photographed and documented ) you will be financially responsible for a $1,000.00 deductible.
What are the requirements for renting the vehicle?
21 years or older. Valid current driver's license. No credit checks. Credit and Debit cards accepted. No Gift cards or Promotional cards allowied. Insurance included on all vehicles. No Toll roads allowed.The vehicle is only allowed in the Houston area. (see FAQ ) No airport pickups or drop offs. Only pickups or drop offs in designated parking lots. No smoking or pets allowed in vehicle, unless pets in a crate at all times in the vehicle.
Who is allowed to drive the vehicle?
Only the primary renter that is on the contract is authorized to drive. No other drivers are authorized to drive the vehicle. You will be held liable if other persons drive the vehicle. No one under 21 years old is allowed to drive the vehicle. Only the designated primary card paying driver is allowed to drive the vehicle. There are no additional drivers allowed.